Industrialization Support

 ■ Individual Matching of Industry-University

 ■ Kansai Regenerative medicine Industrial Consortium by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

 ■ Smart Cell Forum by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry


Venture Support

 ■ Business Matching

 ■ Support projects such as overseas business development by Osaka Prefectural Government

 ■ Exhibiting Support in BioJapan

 ■ Japanese Life Science Startup List


International Exchanges

 ■ International Exchange Meeting of New Year

 ■ Matching Project between Canada and Japan


Workshop (members only)

 ■ Functional Food Development for the Prevention of Lifestyle-Related Diseases

 ■ Study of the Next Generation of Biotechnology

 ■ Capillary Lab and Social Implementation Consortium



 ■ General Meeting of Members and Board of Directors Commemorative Lectures

 ■ Kansai Life Science Leading Scientist Seminar

 ■ Participatory Talk Seminars