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The genetically-modified mouse plays an important role as a disease-model animal in the field of molecular biology, medicine, and drug discovery such as diagnosis of disorder, elucidation of the pathogenic mechanism, and drug screening, etc. Gene Modification Co., Ltd. (Gene Modification) is a private R&D enterprise established based on the technology and results of the knockout mouse making at the university (Director: Takashi Morita, Prof. of Department of Molecular Genetics, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka City University).
The trust execution of making a genetically-modified mouse is consistently done from the design of the vector according to researcher’s needs for a simple knockout mouse, insertion of point mutation, a conditioned knockout mouse using Cre-loxP, making of the BAC transgenic mouse from ES-cell, and freeze preservation of the fertilized egg, etc.
Feature of Service
(1) Because all the processes are undertaken from the design of the vector, all the preparations for the customer side are unnecessary.
(2) An example of expense(chart1)
(3) Gene Modification asks for payment after delivery of each product such as the vector, the cell, fertilized eggs, and mice.
(4) Gene Modification doesn’t insist on the right of intellectual property concerning the made mouse at all, if there is no special mutual agreement in prior.
(5) The period necessary for making is one and a half years from about half a year.
(6) The making work will start at once for what the company undertakes, though there is a limit in the number of trusts.
(7) Gene Modification responds to the consultation free of charge about the examination of the method of modifying the gene etc.

Field of business:Therapeutis

nameGene Modification Co.,Ltd.
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establishmentApril 9,2007
capital¥4,000,000 employees4

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