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We specialize in the production and sale of sterilized maggots for medical use.

With the deterioration of eating habits and the adoption of Western-style diets over the last couple of decades, the incidence of diabetic gangrene in Japan has increased alarmingly. Some of the most severe gangrene can no longer be treated with conventional therapies, and the condition now leads to the amputation of over 3,000 legs every year. Maggot therapy can help to alleviate this unhappy situation. Maggot therapy is a highly effective treatment in which sterilized maggots are introduced into wounds to remove necrotic tissue, suppress infection, and stimulate generation of new tissue.

1.Free Maggots
Our main product consists of sterilized first– and second-instar larvae of domestic Lucilia sericata. The recommended application is 5–10 maggots per square centimeter of tissue, and in most cases the maggots are left on a wound for two to four days. We also provide specially made mesh stockings that help prevent the maggots escaping from wounds during treatment.
2.Maggot Bag
The Maggot Bag is a small pouch-like polyester bag containing 50–300 sterilized maggots. The larvae work directly through micropores in the bag, cleaning and treating wound surfaces.
Maggot Bags are so easy to handle that they can significantly shorten treatment time, and, like the mesh stocking, they help prevent maggots escaping from wounds during therapy.

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